Throwback Events

Channel your guests’ nostalgia with a retro event! Take them back to their childhood by hosting a decade themed party. These themes are not only so much fun for everyone involved, but also can be affordable to host!

Bring in "vintage" items, such as disco balls, boom boxes, Rubik’s Cubes, Slinkys, VHS tapes, cassette tapes ­– whatever you can think of – and use them as décor. Board games and Twister can serve as the evening’s entertainment, and make a playlist of popular tunes from that time period.

Photo booths are all the rage in today’s age of parties, so keep it old school by taking the pictures with a Polaroid camera. Decorate the backdrop with a construction paper chain and neon balloons.

Craft a menu that really plays up the theme, such as Pac-Man-shaped cookies or Bagel Bites. Candy was especially important to 90s-babies, so stock up on Blow Pops, Nerds, Fun Dip and Fruit Stripe chewing gum.

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