The Tradition of “Somethings”

Something old. Something new. Something borrowed. Something blue. Silver sixpence in her shoe.

This Victorian tradition was built around the superstition of that age, and has remained timeless. Even the most modern brides have fun with the tradition as a creative way to incorporate loved ones into your most special day.

Something Old

This tradition of carrying something old (often from a loved one) symbolizes your old life blending into your new life. Whether it be your mother’s wedding dress, your grandmother’s veil or an antique piece of jewelry, this should be a something that represents where you came from.

Something New

This represents the lifetime commitment you’re about to embark upon with your spouse. This can be the wedding ring, the wedding dress or anything in between.

Something Borrowed

This is a bride’s good luck charm. Borrowing something from a happily married couple will set you and your spouse-to-be up for your happily ever after. This something doesn’t have a strict definition, and could be anything, including your father’s tie wrapped around your bouquet or your best friend’s veil.

Something Blue

Did you know that in ancient Rome, wedding dresses were blue, not white? That’s where this tradition came about. The color blue symbolized a bride’s love and fidelity. Many brides choose to sew a blue-something to the inside of their dresses, but it doesn’t have to be so subtle. Blue shoes (yes, we’re thinking Carrie Bradshaw’s Manolo Blahniks), fresh blue nail polish and blue flowers in your bouquet are also ways to add blue to your wedding day.

Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe

Although this tradition was part of the original “somethings” poem, it has sense been faded out. That’s likely because this tradition is near-impossible to carry out. The silver sixpence is an English currency that actually no longer exists. However, online retailers do sell these specifically for the most traditional brides. The silver sixpence symbolizes financial stability throughout your marriage.

This blog was adapted from Zilo Rings.

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