The Inside Story on Event Hashtags

Using a hashtag is a foolproof way to monitor photos and discussions surrounding your event. Plus, it’s a no-brainer when it comes to your event marketing efforts.

Just how should you go about creating one? Follow this five-step plan when crafting your brilliant hashtag.

  1. Think unique. Make sure the hashtag ideas you have in mind aren’t being used by another event by simply searching for the hashtag on each social media outlet. It’s also important to make sure to stay away from anything too generic.
  1. Clear things up. Social media is instant, so guests shouldn’t have to question the spelling of a hashtag while posting an image. If they’re unsure, they likely won’t use it at all. Make sure your hashtag is clear and easy to read. 
  1. Be memorable. Making your hashtag similar to the name of your event may make guests more prone to use it.
  1. Keep it short and sweet. Especially if you anticipate guests may want to share something on Twitter and are limited to only 140 characters, you’ll need to carefully select a shorter hashtag.
  1. Make sure there’s no dual meaning. Keep in mind hashtags are one-word mashups of multiple words, and can be interpreted differently when meshed together. Have multiple people read and re-read your hashtag before making it official.

Now that you have your special hashtag, make it known and use it as a marketing tool! Include it on any pre-event promotional material, including emails, flyers, social media posts, etc. During your function, you may want to create signage to display at the entrance or a common area (such as the bar or food stations). People will see this and may be more likely to post something.

Keep the conversation going after your event. Look through the photos and tweets and comment/like where appropriate. Your business can even repurpose the posts as your own, always remembering to credit the original source of course.

Let the hashtagging fun begin!

This blog post was adapted from Tweet Beam.

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