Thanksgiving Table Trends

Thanksgiving is certainly a time for tradition. And some things—turkey, football, parades—never change. But don’t be afraid to mix in these forward-thinking trends when it comes to your table setting. Or maybe just try it out on the kids’ table this year.

Painted props

Pumpkins and pine cones make for great centerpieces, but you can always throw in something unexpected and paint them beforehand. Make it a fun activity and involve the children, while the adults finalize the menu. Tangerines, oranges or even cinnamon sticks are also seasonal staples that are fun to paint or leave natural to brighten up your table.

Go dark

Are you sad Halloween is over? Don’t be afraid to bring back the black in November or stick with gentler dark hues like emerald green or deep purple. Use these colors as your tabletop linens or as lush greens in your floral centerpiece.


Mix in this trendy metallic on candles, flatware or even spray paint little pumpkins to go with a sparkling theme.IMG_0566.jpg


If the darkness doesn’t speak to you—go for a White Thanksgiving! Christmas gets its fair share of white, so start a month early and make this holiday clean and bright. Of course, blue and white is a southern classic and a dependable go to that brightens up an otherwise dark dining room. Gold and white is even more modern and strikes the perfect balance between fun and formal.


If pumpkins are played out, find some feathers. It’s the perfect partner for natural tones (duh) or mix in with metallics.

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This blog was adapted from Elle Magazine.