Sustainable Events

Green events are in – and while we’re obviously fans of the color, that’s not what we’re talking about here. The newest fad is one that’s good for the environment and our well-beings: Sustainably green events.

The realms of attaining this are endless, and you can incorporate one or many of these tactics to your next event to ensure you’re being kind to our earth.

Nix the bottled waters. Sure, picking up a few packs of these may seem to be the simplest option for your event, but we have a few other ideas. Offer your guests an incentive to bring their own water bottles, and have a water cooler station set up where your guests can easily refill.

Go digital. Don’t spend money on paper invites, brochures or nametags. Send an evite, and promote your event on social media. If this is a corporate event, play a PowerPoint presentation and email it to your guests afterwards instead of passing out printed packets.

Eat smart. Serve hors d'oeuvres that can be eaten without utensils, and consider donating any extra food after the event.

If you anticipate there may be any paper, aluminum and/or plastic items at your event, provide a few recycling containers to make it easy for your guests.

This blog post was adapted from BizBash.

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