How to Make Your Booth Stand Out at a Trade Show

Trade show season is around the corner, and whatever your industry calls these huge networking events—trade shows, dealer markets or conferences—make sure your booth makes an impression with these five simple tips.


Think screens, the bigger the better. Large, bright screens attract audiences better than people nowadays. Use television or computer monitors to display subject matter or give-away materials, and you’ll always have a back-up presentation tool at any point in a conversation. This trend can work on a micro level, too. If you have media kits or reading materials to give away, consider going paperless and using a digital flash drive to load your files on. It saves paper and your event participants have a physical reminder of your pitch on a device they can use again and again. Make your booth the unofficial technology station with charging stations, interactive iPads and geo-filters on Snapchat.


Event swag is a classic conference staple and a valuable marketing tool that is always well–received. Make sure you provide an item that matches your target audience and can also be functional. If you want to be relevant at a bridal show, consider using branded wellness items like a pedometer, yoga mat or sports bag for those #sweatingforthewedding brides or bridal parties. For music festivals or concerts that may be outdoors, consider what event-goers would need and provide it for them. Branded hammocks, water bottles, swiss army knives or even rain ponchos can go a long way. Even on a limited budget, there are many great and affordable options to be show conference booth upgrade

Child Care

Depending on the event, you may have parents with children in attendance. Plan ahead and anticipate their needs by having child-friendly crafts and games on-hand, or even hire a childcare professional to entertain the kids in a safe, dedicated space so Mom or Dad can focus on networking.

Graphic Notes

Visual note-taking, graphic recording or infographics are beautifully packaged informational material. By representing your brand with drawings that communicate a message, you are creating a colorful, eye-catching vehicle that event participants are more likely to keep. Consider an infographic coloring sheet that goes with a small box of colored pencils. Event participants can fill it in themselves or if they’d like a completed drawing, use email capture to send them one.

Seasonal Treat

Trade shows can be an exhausting process. Walking and meeting hundreds of new people can wear out your guests. Make sure you perk them up with a refreshing drink or snack, and package it with seasonally appropriate designs. Other guests will advertise your booth for the rest of the event and take with them a physical reminder of your services. Going into fall, consider apple cider in a mini pumpkin cup, or popcorn in the retro red and white carriers.

Trade shows and networking events are great opportunities to let your company and services shine. Make the best of the experience by considering your target audience and catering your booth to their needs and expectations. Personalizing the experience will create a memorable moment for them and make your booth stand out. 

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