Spring Trends: Plan the Perfect Event this Season

As February comes to an end, we’re looking forward to March and the beginning of spring. With the start of a new season comes new event trends and, of course, plenty of new reasons to celebrate! We’ve got it all for you this week, as we discuss what trends to pay attention to, and how you can make this season the most festive one yet.

Get outside!

Where else would you want to spend your time in the spring? The weather, though unpredictable, is warmer with more sunshine, meaning it’s the perfect time to host an event outside. Whether that’s through hosted barbecues or weddings, spring time is best spent outdoors. So, fire up the grill, or plan the ideal outdoor wedding today. Don’t forget to rent a tent for those unexpected spring showers!

Flowers are essential

Nothing is better than the smell of fresh cut flowers in your home, or better yet, at an event that you’re hosting. Need a few ideas on what flowers are best in the spring? Poppies, daffodils, tulips and jasmine are all great for this time of year and will bring your event together with a little bit of color.

Bring out the cocktails

With the change of weather comes a change in the drink menu. It’s time to break out the rosé this season for the event that you’re hosting! Not much of a rosé drinker or need a few more drink ideas to serve in the spring? Opt to serve a classic mint julip, Scottish whiskey sour or fruity martini to make your event even better.

It’s all about the playlist

What’s fun about an event without any music? Craft the perfect party playlist for the nice weather, and your guests will be sure to have a good time. Whether you’re playing early hits of the 2000s or classic rock tunes, every party is better with a little bit of singing, and a whole lot of dancing.

Whatever the event is that you’re planning this spring, we hope these trends help get you ready for it. Contact a Mahaffey Special Event Consultant to help get you started!