How to Stay Afloat When Spring Literally Showers On Your Wedding

It’s the first day of spring, meaning that warmer weather is upon us! Spring is the perfect time to host an event outside. Whether you’re planning a birthday party or wedding, or having your friends over for dinner, it’s good to know a few tips and tricks in case a spring shower pours down on the fun evening that you have planned.

It All Boils Down to the Food

In order to make your event a hit, good food needs to be involved. If you’re planning on grilling during your party, you can still cook the food outside if your grill is located beneath an overhead shelter and if the rain isn’t too heavy. If not, take those hot dogs and hamburgers indoors and cook them on the stove! There’s no reason not to make the meal that you’ve looked so forward to serving.

Overhead Shelter

If you don’t have an awning on your deck or patio, then we can help you out! At Mahaffey Tent & Event Rentals, we offer a wide variety of tents with different colors and styles to meet your needs. Stay dry and order one for your special celebration. Sometimes scattered showers end up turning into sunshine, but in the event that the showers stick around, it’s always good to be prepared.

Have a Backup Date Planned

Maybe you’re really banking on sunshine during your event, but giving your guests a backup date in the event of a spring shower can help you relieve some stress in the future. You can add this date to your invitation, and maybe with a little preparation and luck, you won’t even have to use it.

Rainy Day Playlist

Like most things in life, but especially the weather, once we embrace it and accept it, things become better. So embrace the rain and dance! You don’t necessarily need to actually dance in the rain, but you can take your party indoors and play the ultimate rainy day playlist. What’s better than singing and dancing with those you love?

Remember that you can make any situation better just by learning to adapt. A rainy event can just be an opportunity to create new memories and have a good time.

Whatever the weather of your special day, we hope these rainy day tips help you prepare and stay afloat. Don't forget to check out our catalog of rental event supplies to keep dry and warm, including classic tents, dance floors, and portable bars. Contact a Mahaffey Special Event Consultant to help get you started!

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