Rental Recap: King Day 2017

Many Memphians started the year off on the right foot by participating in several different volunteer opportunities throughout the community. The volunteers came together for four days of service, honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy. Ending these days of service by celebrating the great Dr. King, the National Civil Rights Museum hosted King Day 2017 on January 16. 

Tent at King Day 2017Photo courtesy of the National Civil Rights Museum.

Approximately 8,000 people attended King Day to pay their respects and show support as a community and nation. At Mahaffey, we often get to experience wonderful events like this first-hand, but this one was particularly powerful. We were more than honored to be the rentals vendor of choice for this remarkable celebration. 

The forecast was iffy, so we ensured the festivities would be covered by installing several tents for the event, including a children’s tent, retail gift shop tent, tent for Home Depot, radio station tent, food tents, health care tent and, finally, a tent to cover the main stage. The tents were enclosed by clear sidewalls and filled with heaters to keep attendees dry and warm. Banquet tables and folding chairs were placed inside each. Additionally, we installed two performance stages, one for the health tent and one for the main gathering area. Both stages were complete with Bil Jax flooring and stage skirts. 

Performance stage and tent

Photo courtesy of the National Civil Rights Museum.

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