Rental Recap: Fourth Bluff Ice Rink

A new seasonal attraction to downtown Memphis, known as the Fourth Bluff Ice Rink, opened in early December. The rink is housed in Mississippi River Park, and ice skaters can also enjoy live music, local food truck eats and skating lessons. The ice rink project was established as part of a national initiative known as Reimagining the Civic Commons, which works to bring life back to America’s parks, plazas, trails and libraries. The rink is a temporary attraction, but Memphians can partake in ice skating activities through January.

Tent Rental

Mahaffey Tent & Event Rentals provided a few rental items to ensure the operations of the winter attraction run smoothly. Three tents of different sizes were installed to cover the deck and catering areas. A couple of banquet tables, white linens and folding black chairs were also provided. It wouldn’t be a true winter park setting without a few cast iron benches, would it? That’s why we made sure to bring those, too. 

We were honored to be a part of this fun, family-friendly attraction, working toward the betterment of our great city! Happy skating!

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