Plan a Picnic Party

Now that summer is in full swing and the weather is just right for being outdoors (albeit a little on the warm side), a picnic party is the perfect party to host. Whether you're celebrating a family reunion, hosting a sports team celebration or simply getting everyone together for a good time, a picnic is the best way to go.

Since we're talking more than just grabbing your red and white checkered blanket and a basket (though you can certainly incorporate those), here are a few ideas to keep in mind while planning your picnic party.

Selecting seats.
Since your picnic event will be using the environment and natural elements as a venue, a decision on how (or where) guests will enjoy their food needs to be made. Will you choose to use picnic blankets to host your guests a little closer to the Earth, or will you use tables and chairs to provide seating?

Nature holds plenty of beauty on its own, so dressing up your picnic party doesn't take much effort. If you're using tables to serve food, try using that old picnic blanket as a table cloth, or keep your party looking clean with more contemporary linens. If your picnic goes into the evening hours, string a few lights between trees or free-standing elements to provide lighting for your guests.

Keep the bugs away.
Bugs and creepy crawlers can make your guests feel uncomfortable. Check out some of these ways to make sure the critters stay away and don't ruin the fun.

Fun food.
Whenever we think of picnics, simple sandwiches and finger foods are the first things that pop into our minds. Whether it's a cold cut or warm sandwich, having these simple, yet delicious, dishes will be the perfect light food for your event. If sandwiches aren't your thing, you can always make other picnic-perfect plates.

Planning a picnic for your family and friends doesn't have to be a big-time burden. Keep it simple, and your guests are sure to have a great time!


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