Over + Out: Hosting Outdoor Events

When you’re hosting an event and can’t seem to find a venue you love, make one. Outdoor events are made possible any time and any place with the proper rentals, so long as you take the necessary steps and follow protocols.

With any outdoor event, you’ll need a tent. The weather is unpredictable and that’s not a risk we’d recommend taking. A tent looks like an official venue quickly when you add tables, chairs and linens to the mix, and can even be made formal for more upscale functions. Depending on what time of year you’re hosting the event, consider filling your event space with heaters or air conditioning and fans. Tent flooring is a necessity in order to avoid muddy feet. Don’t forget to also bring in bathroom facilities and trash cans, but keep them outside of the tent.

Decorating outdoor events can be so much fun, and also affordable. Keep it simple and natural with florals and string lighting. Candles look great in an outdoor setting. Make them Citronella candles while you’re at it to fight off pests. 

When building your event from the ground up, there are a few protocols to consider.

  • Turn the sprinklers off. If you have a sprinkler system set up on a timer, make sure to turn it off during the day of the event.   
  • Liquor license. Are you serving alcohol? Make sure you’re licensed to do so.
  • Research local ordinances. Sound ordinances are especially strict in a neighborhood setting.
  • Parking. Do your guests have a place to park? 

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