Mahaffey Tent & Event Rentals to Host National Tent Safety School

The event rental industry’s longest running tent installation and safety training program will take place at Mahaffey Tent & Event Rentals in Memphis, Tennessee, December 5-6 in preparation for the 2018 party, wedding and festival seasons.

For more than two decades, Tent School, presented by TopTec Event Tents, has been held at the tent manufacturer’s South Carolina facility. This is the first year event organizers have offered this training program at an outside location.

“Mahaffey Tent & Event Rentals is a long-time TopTec customer and a perfect location to bring our on-the-road tent school to the event professionals in this region,” said Bryan Bolt, lead instructor for TopTec Event Tents.

The two-day training program was developed to ensure the safety of guests at any tented event, including weddings, festivals, corporate meetings and more. More than 125 event rental professionals from across the U.S. will attend the classroom and hands-on training sessions to learn the latest event safety techniques and best practices for the tent rental industry.

“The Mahaffey team is dedicated to providing safe events throughout the Mid-South. That’s why we wanted to be one of the first to host this on-the-road tent school we’re calling Mahaffey Tent University,” said Carl Jarvis, General Manager for Mahaffey Tent & Event Rentals. “Having a national manufacturer like TopTec lead a training program on tent safety shows their commitment to the event rental industry and to the safety of our community.”

For nearly 100 years, Mahaffey has been a staple in the local tourism industry, which brings 11.5 million visitors and more than $3 billion to the Memphis community every year. Mahaffey Tent University marks the company's commitment to growing and supporting business in Memphis and expanding our city’s role in making Memphis a destination for innovation.

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