Lounge Furniture Fit for Love

One of the biggest event décor trends we’ve seen lately is one that we are completely on board with: Lounge furniture. It’s been especially popular within the wedding industry, but also at smaller scale events. 

Lounge furniture is not only comfortable, but can give guests a warm and welcoming first impression. For weddings in particular, play up the romance factor by placing lounge furniture throughout your venue. Section off an area with pipe and drape to create an intimate lounge or “VIP” area. To exude elegance, add a table with a beautiful floral arrangement next to or an ornate chandelier over the lounge furniture. A white or black loveseat can make for a truly remarkable photo op of you and your groom.

Mahaffey Tent & Event Rentals offers a wide variety of lounge furniture pieces. Our collection comes in either black and white, matching any color scheme. Our unique collections can be placed indoors or outside. If you’re hosting an event on a chilly night, place a few throw blankets and pillows on the furniture and your guests will be warm and cozy.

Does this sound like the event of your dreams already? Mahaffey has so much more to offer, too! Contact us today to speak with one of our event consultants.

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