Light Up the Night

Although lighting is essential to an event for logistical purposes, it also serves as profound event décor. 

Set the mood for your event with dim lighting, or brighten the room for less formal events. For the most elegant of events, consider one (or several) of our chandeliers. Our chandeliers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, and will be the focal point of your event. For a dazzling night, rent our faux crystal chandelier. If formal is your forte, the French empire chandelier is for you. Our 15-light wrought iron chandelier and 5-light wrought iron chandelier are the perfect additions to a rustic function. For simpler, more modernized functions, consider our 4-light globe chandelier. 

One of our most popular forms of lighting is our Italian string bulb lighting. This lighting works perfectly inside or outside, and is so simply romantic. String a few strands in a garden, or inside a wooden room for a warm glow. 

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