Keep Calm and Shamrock On

The season of green beer and Irish fanfare is upon us! Happy (almost) St. Patrick’s Day!

Whether it’s the four-leaf clover that you found or the spring weather in the air, there is not only plenty of luck, but also plenty of good reasons to celebrate and host an event for St. Patrick’s Day.

Everyone loves a reason to party, and we’ve got all of the ways for you to host the ultimate event during this Irish holiday season. 

It’s all about the drinks

Of course, a great party isn’t complete without a themed cocktail…or two. For the ultimate coffee lovers, serve up Irish coffee, which is made with hot coffee and Irish whiskey. Need another fun idea? Irish mojitos! For starters, you’ll need Bacardi, sugar and a handful of ice. Add in mint leaves, squeeze in some lime and shake away! You can use one of our martini glasses while you’re at it.


What’s a themed party without decorations? Thanks to the luck of the Irish, decorating for a St. Patrick’s Day party is fairly simple. All you’ll need are a few hanging cut outs of shamrocks, rainbows or leprechauns. Hang up some shamrock garland or party lights. Gold also makes for a great accessory, too, like balloons or strategically-placed streamers. Too much is never enough for a party!

Party favors

A great host always provides a little something for their guests! Get creative on this holiday and give them something special to take home. Whether that’s a shamrock bead necklace to wear as they party the night away or a shamrock-themed koozie, they will be sure to remember the fun evening that they had.

Potatoes or any kind of Irish themed food

While you can never go wrong with serving a dish with potatoes at your party, there are several other Irish dishes that you can serve as well. Try making Irish soda bread, Shepherd’s Pie or corned beef for your guests. It will be a delicious way to stay with the theme, as well as make new entries for all to enjoy!

Whatever the event is that you’re planning this St. Patrick’s Day, we hope these trends help get you ready for it. Contact a Mahaffey Special Event Consultant to help get you started!