How to Make Your Reception Venue Feel Larger

One of the most challenging parts of wedding planning is picking a venue that’s just the right size for the amount of guests you’re expecting. This is sometimes hard to do because although you invite a certain number of people, it’s hard to tell just how many to expect – especially when you book the venue so far in advance.

So, what can you do if more guests RSVP “yes” than you originally anticipated, and the venue space seems a little too small? Meet with a planner or the on-site event manager to optimize your floor plan.

You can get more out of larger tables than smaller ones. Mixing and matching both large and small tables can also increase options for seating, but make sure it’s done intentionally so that it doesn’t look like a mistake. Opt for buffet-style catering instead of a formal sit-down dinner, and mix in cocktail tables so guests may stand to socialize if they choose. Lounge furniture is also a great (and, not to mention, chic) way to add a little more seating, too. This also leaves a little more room for dancing. 

Try to stray away from busy linens. Clean, white fabrics tend to make any room look a little bigger than it is. 

If your venue allows it and has the space for it, consider adding an outdoor tent. The tent can be made formal with a flooring, drapery, florals and lighting.

This blog post was adapted from BRIDES.

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