How to Host the Ultimate Summer Cookout

Summer is a time to relax by the pool, try out a few new recipes or cocktails and invite your friends and family over to enjoy the beautiful weather. This season, make summer even more memorable by hosting the ultimate cookout using some of our ideas outlined below.


  1. Portable bars

What’s not to love about a portable bar? It’s guaranteed to be a good time and your guests won’t be able to get enough of it. It makes for a great icebreaker, and it’s sure to be the primetime hangout spot. Have a few summer refreshments on hand and the party will never end.

  1. Refreshments

The best way to keep your guests happy is to serve them well. Make sure to have some cool summer refreshments to go along with your portable bar. Need something everyone is sure to enjoy? Check out these Hawaiian mimosas. Love beer but want to mix it up? Serve your guests fruity summer beer. It’s super easy, and the best part is you likely already have all the ingredients at home.

  1. Grill Out

No summer cookout is complete without a grill. Impress your guests with your chef skills by making them these delicious French onion soup stuffed burgers. Not a fan of hamburgers? Try these cheesy, bacon wrapped hot dogs. And for any vegetarians out there, these black bean burgers make for a great, healthy option.

  1. Cool Off

If you want to keep your guests outside, you need to make sure they cool off every once in a while. Whether it’s a dip into the pool, finding a spot in the shade or even using our tent and barrel fans, it’s important to take a break from the sun so that you don’t get overheated. 

  1. Music

Lastly, no party is complete without good music. Here’s a feel-good, happy playlist for your guests to enjoy. There’s no better way to celebrate summer than dancing and singing along to some of your favorite songs.


We hope this summer is a memorable one and that you’ll take a few of our ideas to make your next cookout the best one yet!