How to Host the Perfect Bake Sale


June is a month of honoring all our favorite sweet treats, from hazelnut cake to national donut and rhubarb pie days (to name a few!). If you’re looking to host a bake sale or try out that new dessert recipe you’ve been wanting to sell at the local farmer’s market, this month is the perfect chance to do just that. Here’s how to wow others with your delicious baked goods by planning the best bake sale in town.
  1. Table Layout

Of course, no bake sale is complete without something to put all of your goodies on. And thankfully, you’re in good hands because we know a thing or two about tables. If you’re selling baked goods with your kids or other children in the neighborhood, here’s a children’s table from our catalog that’s perfect for the occasion. If you’re going for more of an urban look and selling at the farmer’s market, try out our beautiful wine barrel tabletop.

  1. Packaging Décor

What will really attract your audience is providing them with sweets that come in personal packages. Check out these cookie baskets that are not only super cute, but also easy to make (the best part is, you probably already have all of the supplies at home). You can attach your personal business card, to make your desserts even more memorable.

  1. Classic Recipes

Spice things up by making something that isn’t as common as your regular chocolate chip cookies and brownies. Keep your customers coming back for more by baking something like this strawberry shortcake or a tasty cherry tart.

  1. Crafty Signs

You’ll also want a sign that draws visitors to your table. Get your old white board or chalk board out of the attic and get crafty! Have a friend that has great handwriting? Ask them to help you get creative with your sign. The day is better when everyone comes together.

  1. Homemade Lemonade

Lastly, no bake sale is complete without homemade lemonade. This classic grandma’s homemade lemonade is a great option for visitors at your bake sale who simply want to come and go and not indulge in a sweet treat. It’ll be sure to make you stand out.

Whatever your plans are for your bake sale, we hope these ideas help make it a hit. Happy baking!