How to: Host an Amazing 4th of July Party

Jun 30, 2017 5:02:48 PM Mahaffey Tent & Event Rentals

It’s the time of year where grilling outside becomes second nature, Saturday’s are spent by the pool and the whole family comes together to enjoy the good weather. 4th of July weekend is here, and it’s time to celebrate!

Fireworks, ice cold beer, bonfires and friends are a few things that come to mind when thinking of the good ole red, white and blue – but what about changing it up a bit this year? Show people how festive you can be and host your own 4th of July party. Invite the neighbors, family, friends or even acquaintances, and you’ll have them talking about this party for years to come.

Here are a few tips and tricks to make this 4th of July party one to remember.


Change up what you’re grilling

Hamburgers and hotdogs are a 4th of July tradition, but what about adding some other food items onto your grill? Make this parmesan garlic grilled corn, as a side dish to accompany the classics. You could even forego the usual hamburgers and hotdogs and for a healthier main course like this grilled maple salmon.


Serve some homemade cocktails

There’s nothing better than a host who whips up their own homemade cocktails. Bring out that old whiskey you’ve had on your bar cart forever, and make a strawberry whiskey lemonade. It’s also great to have a backup drink option to whip up, and what’s better than sangria? Try out this recipe, which is perfect for summertime.


Kid-friendly food

Chances are, this party is one for all ages. You’ll want to have some kid-friendly food items on hand and ready to serve. Try out these star-shaped watermelon slices to win the kids’ hearts. You can also serve up some sweet treats with these red, white and blue firework desserts.


Get festive with these DIY projects

Being a good host comes with a lot of responsibility, so wear your title with pride and honor. Maybe you’ll want to provide your guests with a little goodie bag, as a way to thank them for coming. Check out these fireworks bags that you can make at home. They are super affordable, too. You can also make your own American flag with scraps of material that you most likely already have at your house.


Whatever your plans are this 4th of July weekend, we hope it’s a great one filled with cold drinks and a good tan. Remember to stay safe and enjoy the long weekend.