How Sweet It Is!

More and more people are choosing to go against the status quo when it comes to traditional wedding desserts. Many brides are getting creative with the use of “make-your-own-dessert” stations, candy favors and so much more.

The most popular tasty treat trend we’ve seen at weddings recently: Donuts. Because, who doesn’t love donuts?! Stack them atop a cake stand for a cake-like effect or display the scrumptious treats on a wall to make a sweet statement. 

Nothing beats popsicles and ice cream during the summertime, so by all means, add these to your menu! For a more substantial dessert, include cookies with the ice cream and guests can create ice cream sandwiches if they choose. Strawberry shortcake in a jar and macaroons are also perfectly light treats for a warm wedding day.

We have the perfect treat for the outdoorsy bride – s’mores! Display graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows. Incorporate your own ingredients to the mix, whether it be caramel sauce, hot fudge or flavored chocolate.

If you love cake too much to part with it, add a unique dessert alongside it, or offer your guests an array of cake flavors to choose from. 

For the bride who loves savory more than sugary, consider a cheese cake. Not to be confused with the traditional cheesecake, but a cake made out of real cheese. 

As guests send you off, allow them to treat themselves with treats for the road at a candy station.

Is your sweet tooth aching yet? Ours is! Head over to our Tasty Treat Pinterest page for even more indulgence ideas. If you need tables, cake knives, plates, flatware or any items for your dessert displays, we’ve got you covered. 

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