How Mahaffey Tent Takes an Event from Day to Night

Feb 16, 2015 6:42:06 AM Elizabeth Thorne

You know those cute fashion blogs that promise to take your day time outfit into the perfect night out look with just a few smart accessory changes to your basic work wear? Well, Mahaffey Tent and Event may be the only blog where you can check out how an event does the same thing.

When it comes to taking your event all the way from start to finish, we know that all the details - from the structure, to the linens, to the conversation groupings, to the lighting and the HVAC - oftentimes have to take you smoothly from day into night.

Our creative team is packed with solutions and ideas that can transform a space at the flick of a switch. As event industry experts, we have what you need to turn a great day into an unforgettable night, like this recent Memphis event.

Your Structure

mahaffeytent475-0001-DSC_1301 mahaffeytent475-0034-DSC_1461


Your Table Settings

mahaffeytent475-0013-DSC_1327 mahaffeytent475-0014-DSC_1375


Your Lighting

mahaffeytent475-0015-DSC_1355 mahaffeytent475-0024-DSC_1407


Your Details

mahaffeytent475-0007-DSC_1305 mahaffeytent475-0012-DSC_1424


Whatever your event ... let the industry experts make sure you hit the right note with each detail, whether you're enjoying the cool of the day, or making it an evening to remember.

Check out all the photos (courtesy of Creation Studios) of this fabulous event!

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