Taco Bout an Amazing Cinco de Mayo Party

Sunshine, tacos, sombreros and margaritas all make for the perfect Cinco de Mayo party, and this year, it’s time to host one of your own! In the following post, we’ll discuss all of the ways to make your event one to remember, from delicious food and drinks, to the ultimate party playlist.

Taco Bar

There’s nothing better than serving up some homemade tacos at your Cinco de Mayo party! This year, make it DIY by encouraging guests to arrange their tacos however they would like as they assemble the tasty ingredients from shredded chicken to ground beef, beans and cheese to warm tortillas.

Crafting the Perfect Margarita

What’s a Cinco de Mayo party without something frozen or on the rocks? Try making this spicy margarita,complete with fresh lime juice and jalapeño coins with the seeds removed. For those who are feeling a little adventurous with their margarita of choice, consider making this blood orange margarita. Use our bar rocks glass or bar highballto really give your drink a good presentation.

Don’t Forget the Games

If you’re wanting to make this Cinco de Mayo party kid-friendly, then it’s time to bring out some games for all to enjoy. A piñata is a good idea for this May celebration! Fill it up with candy for the kids to munch on, and it’s sure to be a hit. The limbo is also another great option to get the party started!

The Dance-worthy Party Playlist

It’s time to get up and dance! And thanks to this article from Billboard, the perfect playlist for your festive day awaits, with 10 classic songs to start your party off strong. Consider hiring an actual mariachi band to play at your party, if you’re wanting to incorporate live music and keep the theme going.

Take it Outside

If the weather’s nice, you can host your Cinco de Mayo party outside. We have the perfect tents to complete your party rain or shine. All you have to do is eat delicious food and dance, and what’s a better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than by doing just that?!

Whatever you choose to do at your party, we hope a few of these ideas will help to make your party one to remember. Contact a Mahaffey Special Event Consultant to help get you started – our catalog is full of dining and tableware items, linens, catering supplies, and even portable bars and barstools!

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