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When planning a wedding or any type of special event, everyone remembers the big things: the cake, decorations, the invitations and entertainment. One category that often goes overlooked is drinking glasses – specifically, wine glasses. Though some may not know, the shape and type of wine glasses used can affect the overall experience of tasting the wine. Allow us to give you the splash on what glasses pair best with what type of wine.

Red Wine. If serving red wine at your event, you need to know how it differs from white, and the change in flavors that it contains. Red wines have a more lively and robust flavor made from black grapes fermented with their skins. Red wines pair well with red meats or very wholesome pastas, and normally are served at room temperature. Popular red wines include merlot, pinot noir and zinfandel, but there are numerous other types. Typically, red wines are served in larger wine glasses that are rounder in nature, allowing for a wider opening that enables you to take in the aroma of the wine. Types of red wine glasses include the Bordeaux glass, which is traditionally taller, and the burgundy glass, which is designed for wines like pinot noir.

White Wine. According to the 2015 American Wine Consumer Preference Survey by Sonoma State University and the Wine Business Institute, white wines narrowly follow behind red wines in America’s favorite type of wine (scoring at 72 percent, where reds were at 74 percent). White wines are made from black or white grapes with no skin, and are usually combined with citrus flavors. White wines include the popular chardonnay and sauvignon, and are usually served chilled. Whites pair well with chicken and seafood, and many cheeses, such as goat cheese and blue cheese. White wine glasses are U-shaped, allowing the beverage to stay colder. The shape of these glasses can alternate by the age of the wine. Younger wines are best in glasses with larger openings, while more mature wines should be poured in a taller glass for optimal flavor.

Other Wines. Other types of wines include sparkling wines, like champagne or prosecco, rose wine, including zinfandel blush, and dessert wines, such as vermouth and port. Each of these has a very different flavor offering, and the glasses are shaped to help you get the best taste. Sparkling wines get their sparkle from the carbon dioxide produced as a byproduct of the fermentation process. A champagne flute is taller and narrower, which aids in retaining the carbonation of the wine. The pink color of rose wines comes from the partial retaining of the grape skin through the fermentation process. The best glasses to use for rose wines are stemmed glasses with a slight taper or glasses with a short bowl and a flared lip. The flared lip allows the sweetness from the wine accentuate the taste buds. Dessert wines are sweet wines typically served after dinner. According to, “it must be sweeter than the dessert being eaten.” Dessert wine glasses are typically smaller and tighter, due to their higher alcohol content and very rich flavor.

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