Get Social with an Ice Cream Social

Jul 14, 2017 11:18:46 AM Mahaffey Tent & Event Rentals Special Event

With Sunday being National Ice Cream Day, and the entire month of July regarded as National Ice Cream Month, we thought it would only be appropriate to help you host a fun ice cream social for your friends and family. So, what would you need? Not very much; just some chairs, tables, and of course a few guests!


But what might make your ice cream social the deliciously dazzling event you want it to be are the little decorating details – like often-overlooked napkins.


We decided to pair some of our favorite napkins and linens with top ice cream flavors to give you the ultimate decorating guide:

  • Rocky Road: Ease on down the rocky road with the delicious classic originally developed by Baskin Robbins. Pair this chocolate and marshmallow based ice cream with our white and chocolate brown napkins to mimic the old-time goodness of this flavor.
  • Cherry: One of the most classic flavors in the book, plain cherry ice cream, has been stocked on shelves across the country for decades. Pair this red and pink colored flavor with a mix of raspberry, pastel, and burgundy to highlight the many colors cherry ice cream can have 
  • Cookies and Cream: Whether your cookie combo has mashed up Oreos or old-fashioned wafers, cookies and cream has always been an American favorite. Give this ice cream a classy look by pairing it with black and satin white napkins, giving it a sleek appearance.
  • Butter Pecan: Primarily popular in the south, butter pecan comes with a rich and slightly buttery flavor that we just can’t get enough of. Try using the maize and chocolate brown napkin colors to accentuate the light coffee color of the ice cream and the tasty pecan treasures inside.
  • Vanilla: Again and again vanilla is ranked as America’s number one favorite ice cream flavor. If you are using this all-time classic, have fun and go crazy with the color schemes! Use a magenta, periwinkle or coral satin to contrast this pure, milky white flavor.


Napkins are a simple and easy way to make sure your guests have something handy to keep them clean, and can take your event from boring to bright.


For all your napkin needs, contact us today; we’ve got you covered!

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