So much goes in to planning a wedding. Because of that, even the most organized of people can forget certain things.

Brides are most often focused on the basics, such as catering, venue, cake, etc. and may overlook the smaller, simpler things including:

  • Bouquet adornments. Brides are sentimental when it comes to bouquets – just as they should be. Tie lockets or trinkets from a loved one or ribbons from a recent bridal shower onto your bouquet.
  • Guest book (and a place to put it). This tool is essentially the only record of the attendees from your big day. It can be as simple as a store-bought journal, or personalized with a photo book. You’ll also need a designated photo book table – something we can provide for you!
  • Clean your bling! Your ring needs to be as photo-ready as can be.
  • Bag of essentials. Don’t pack everything away in your honeymoon bag! You’ll need some things to touch-up on your big day.
  • Snacks. You have to eat! Food is fuel and you need extra energy during your wedding weekend.
  • Invitation suite. Have your mom or maid of honor bring the invitations from your wedding festivities (including save the dates, showers, rehearsal dinner, luncheon + wedding) for your photographer to take a photo of.
  • Bridal party gifts. Your best friends and family have put a lot of time and love into your engagement, so show them how appreciative you are!
  • Playlist. Set the mood with a fun, happy playlist for you and your girls to listen to while getting ready! 
  • Marriage license. It seems obvious enough, right? But so many brides forget the one document that legalizes this whole thing!
  • Take a seat. Especially if you’re having a long ceremony, make sure you have enough seats for every guest attending. 
  • Welcome bags. Put these in the hotel rooms of guests coming from out of town. You don’t have to spend much, but include a few snacks and local-necessities.
  • Comfortable shoes. You are going to be standing – for a long time. Make sure you have a change of shoes so you can dance the night away with your husband!
  • After-wedding coordination. Don’t forget to coordinate who’s going to take care of what after your big day!
  • Cake knife. Cutting the cake isn’t possible without it! Register for one you like and chances are someone will gift it to you at a shower.
  • Include your vendors in the catering head count. Wedding days call for long hours, and they’ll need to eat, too.
  • Flowers for your parents. Consider boutonnieres, corsages or mini-bouquets for any family members walking down the aisle.
  • Save a slice (or two)! Freeze a few slices of your wedding cake to enjoy on your anniversary. We promise it’ll still taste good!
  • Give thanks. Thank you notes may seem old-fashioned, but some people truly enjoy getting them. Guests can be sure you received their gift if you send them a note.
  • Have fun + soak it all in!

This blog post was adapted from Style Me Pretty.

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