Event Trends Forecast: 2017

A new year is quickly approaching, and with a new year comes new trends. Event professionals have already begun to prepare for what’s to come in the industry in 2017. Guest engagement will remain as the top priority for events throughout the coming year. 

Be Philanthropic
Incorporating philanthropic efforts into functions is expected to be increasingly popular. More event planners will engage their guests through recognition and community service. Hosts can easily do this by donating the flowers left after an event to a local non-profit organization or donating left over food to homeless shelters. Corporate events can also maintain a philanthropic theme, by encouraging employees to volunteer. Guests enjoy meaningful engagement, as it makes their overall event experience more memorable. Event planners can use the hashtag #eventprosgiveback to share their experience, as well as view others. 


Most events include a beverage of some sort – that’s nothing new. There is, however, an influx of hosts looking to provide their guests with a signature drink. Cocktails, or non-alcoholic beverages, with locally sourced ingredients will become all the rage. More chefs and bartenders are incorporating herbs into their concoctions that work to cleanse the palates of guests. Party-goers should look forward to being able to enjoy making their own cocktails at events, pairing drinks with a coordinating chocolate or cheese. The popularity of craft beer isn’t going anywhere in 2017. Hosts should get creative and pair beer selections with local eats. 


Audience Engagement

No one wants to attend a boring conference. Interactive meetings are steadily gaining popularity. Corporations should look to utilizing different technologies in events, encouraging guests to interact via mobile apps and other platforms. Team-building exercises can keep guests’ attention. 

Switch It Up

Although several events an individual or corporation holds are similar, it’s important to switch it up. Hosts should look to change up the types of lighting and sizes of tables used. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, different mediums of entertainment, unique event design and appealing menu items will aid in overall guest satisfaction.

This blog post was adapted from Catersource.

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