Don’t Bug Out — How to Keep the Creepy Crawlies Away

Summer is one of the best times of the year. There are countless places to explore, you can spend quality time with your family outside, and you can even host an array of fun events for your friends while using nature as your venue. But one thing summer brings that can be a bit of a bummer for you and your guests, are those pesky insect friends that weren’t invited to the party.

Because we’re located in the South, we get our fair share of annoying insects, especially being so close to the Mississippi River. And Memphis’ humidity does not do us any favors either. Here are a couple ways that you and your guests can keep those 6-8 legged friends away from your food, so that you can have a great time:

  • Spray it up.
    Mosquitos, popular in the Mississippi Delta area or anywhere near wetlands, can be repelled with a simple mixture of lemon eucalyptus oil and sunflower oil or by using lavender. Remember to keep any kinds of sprays or repellants natural and not too heavy on fragrance, as not activate any allergies.
  • Keep it covered.
    One thing that attracts bugs more than perfume or other scented items is the presence of food at a party (and what good is a party without any food?). By using handy pop-up food covers, which are collapsible and easy for storage, you can keep unwanted insects (especially those pesky flies) out of your famous potato salad. For larger events, using indoor space for food prepping and set-up can greatly reduce the number of insects that are around the food and your guests.
  • Grow it green.
    Although everyone may not have a green thumb, buying an array of different plants or simply asking someone to bring one can help deter mosquitos and flies from wanting to be anywhere near your event. This also provides décor for your event – win, win.
  • Burn it down.
    We don't mean your event. Using citronella candles is another great way to keep out those flying nuisances. Although some citronella candles can be a bit pricey, try this recipe for a homemade and natural alternative.


Don’t let those creepy crawlers keep you or your guests from having a great time at your next outdoor event.


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