Rental Recap: Art on Fire at the Dixon with Mahaffey Tent & Event Rentals

The Dixon Gallery and Gardens hosted its annual Art on Fire on Saturday, October 22. Tickets were available to purchase for individuals 21+. This year’s event included a bonfire, local eats, live music and a silent auction. A large showing of Mahaffey Tent & Event Rentals items were represented on Dixon’s South Lawn. 

Art on Fire
Photo courtesy of Dixon Gallery & Gardens.

Entertainment was provided by Elisha Gold, Memphis Fire Tribe, Mighty Souls Brass Band, Nick Black and more. Mahaffey’s performance stage and stage skirt accommodated these local artists. Our AstroTurf surrounded the stage. 

The main entrance, the Dixon Cutting Garden, was filled with a variety of tables, including serpentine tables, banquet tables and a few pilgrim farm tables. The tables were dressed in navy linens, with gold napkins. A philia metal bar and bar stools were also provided for the entrance area.

The VIP area had a dozen round tables, adorned with burnt orange linens. VIPs were provided with specialty seating, Mahaffey’s pilgrim farm chairs.

We “lit” up the Dixon with multiple silver canister lights. Mahaffey also provided three iron chandeliers and Italian bulb string lighting for a few areas of the event. 

The back porch was sanctioned by pipe and drape. Drinks on the porch were served in style, with whiskey barrels by the bar.

Banquet tables and linens of a variety of colors (black, burnt orange, café, tan and navy) were provided for the Harrah’s Parking area and general areas of the event. Black folding chairs were also utilized in most areas. The silent auction was housed in a 30’ x 60’ gable frame tent

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