April Showers Bring Tented Weddings

Although rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck for your marriage, it’s safe to say most brides probably aren’t thrilled when they see rain clouds in the forecast.

Because spring has officially sprung, outdoor weddings are back in session. Brides can plan outdoor weddings stress-free, thanks to Mahaffey. The answer: Tents. Yes, tents can be formal. Mahaffey has tents of all shapes and sizes. Frame and other style tents are perfect for weddings. Italian string bulb lighting and elegant drapery can transform the look of a tent. We can even install flooring, to make your tent seem like a separate building.

We would recommend brides practice precaution and go ahead and plan for a tent. If it doesn’t rain, you’ll still have a beautiful, shaded space for your outdoor wedding. Fill your tent with tables, chairs, linens, a delicious cake, and your closest friends and family and you’ve got all you could need!

Image courtesy of Twenty-Two Magnolias Productions.

We’ve got you covered on your wedding day! Contact us today to set up a consultation, and check out our entire list of inventory.

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