All That Glitters Is Gold

Capture elegance and sparkle at your events with one simple color: Gold. Almost everything comes in the metallic color, and it can be the perfect complement to every theme.

If you’re looking to find gold items for your next event, you’re in the right place at the right time. We make this color palate easy to accomplish with our many golden items available for rent, including charger plates, flatware, chiavari chairs, linens and napkins, catering items and so much more

There are so many ways to add the golden touch to your events. Spray paint branches and flower arrangements to give them the ultimate golden flare. Lead guests to their seats with gold glitter name tags and a golden arrow, directing the way. Allow guests to indulge in a pot of gold filled with golden-wrapped chocolates. Champagne is the obvious beverage of choice, thanks to its naturally golden bubbles. For an added touch, dip your champagne flutes into gold sugar.

Check out our Glitter in Gold Pinterest board for all things gold.

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