2018 Event Trends

Events are one of the most effective marketing channels available – over digital advertising, email marketing and content marketing. Whether your event is to inspire networking, engage more consumers or celebrate your recent nuptials, these 2018 event trends will send you in the right direction.


Go retro

Some 44 percent of millennials hope to travel back to destinations that were family favorites while growing up. Focus on something personal, like a summer camp or highlight the fun theme park vacations America loves. Consider your target audience and age group and cater a nostalgic experience your guests will want to share. With 60 percent of travelers posting on social media daily, your opportunities for engagement are limitless. Use this tip when selecting a venue to maximize the experience.


Make it competitive

Event planners have always used competitions for get-togethers like weddings and showers, but friendly competitions can be an effective tool at corporate events as well. Use this in advance of the event by setting up a social media competition to win tickets for your event or conference, and you’ll also benefit from the free promotion. Competitions that happen during the event can also encourage guests to stay longer. Create online games to play using the event hashtag that also requires an email sign-up so you can add to your contact list.


Open photo booths

The wedding trend that flooded Instagram last year isn’t going away, but it is changing. Don’t settle for a closed-in booth. Instead, use a branded backdrop for your guests to take photos in front of and give a red-carpet-feel to your event. Consider throwing in a graphic with the event hashtag, in addition to your logo, as content on the custom backdrop.shutterstock_623117678.jpg


Make it metallic

Recently, brides and trendy event venues have chosen rose gold for their accent pieces and even their jewelry on the big day. But starting next year, we predict more and more will see the silver lining in decorating in chrome. Gold will always be in, but the brassy, yellow gold from the 80s is taking a back seat to steely, elegant, even futuristic silver and chrome.


Experiential videos

There’s a new medium essential to the Millennial’s decision-making process. Along with review sites like Yelp, Google My Business and Facebook , young professionals are seeking out experiential videos to determine whether an event is worth their resources. “Wedding video” is already a popular search term on Pinterest and YouTube, and music festivals are following suit to extend their social media relevance after the event takes place. Use footage from previous events, personal interviews and specific soundtracks to produce meaningful short videos that will engage your audience and extend the longevity of your event.


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